PROJECT: Drilling of Heel Pool Trial Penetration

Client: DSRL

Location: xxx

Project Length: xxx

Project Overview

Dry Steel Cutting

BD Nuclear were approached to provide a solution to a unique problem.

BD Nuclear won the contract to provide a solution to drill into the underneath of a heel pool. This heel pool was used to store sodium which was used as coolant during a nuclear process. This meant the hole had to be drilled completely dry and inverted. Due to the radiation present the cutting had to be completed fully remotely.

The 110mm hole also had to be drilled with no tolerance as it had to be positioned exactly between two internal surfaces that contained asbestos.

Firstly looked to the market place to see if such a drill existed, it didn’t, so we commissioned a company to build a bespoke drill to our specifications.

The heel pool tank consisted of 3 steel plates each 25mm thick, a void, then chicken wire/insulation. The last section was a stainless steel plate 4mm thick, the overall length of the penetration was 400mm.

This was drilled by BD Nuclear making a bespoke cutter to combat the wide range of material found in the heel pool. The trial was completed successfully and we will be in the near future cutting 12 of these penetrations.

  • Dry Steel Drilling
  • Remote Inverted Bespoke Drilling System
  • Bespoke Drilling Cores.