Listed below are some of the market leading innovations that BD Nuclear has developed and been involved with over the last few years.

 Advanced Concrete Surface Removal - Wall Shaving

Advanced Surface Removal – Wall Shaving

BD Nuclear has established a partnership with a leading European diamond tooling supplier which has enabled us to bring a wall shaving machine to the UK market. The machine has been demonstrated to a number of clients in our new Demonstration Facility and has gathered tremendous interest. 

In general the machine has the following dynamics:

  • Cuts 3 – 4mm swaths and can remove up to 15mm of the surface.
  • The head passes are 600mm wide.
  • The machine operates horizontally and vertically.
  • It is deployed from a standard track so easy to set up.
  • The dust recovery is excellent, the process is dry.
  • Waste is mainly collected in an interceptor drum; this can be a standard LLW Drum.
  • The surface finish is smooth.
  • It can be used on floors.


We are now looking to fine tune the equipment further with our partner to ready for deployment.


The Stealth - remote operated wire saw 

Advanced Cutting Techniques – The Stealth

BD Nuclear has invested in the design and manufacture of The Stealth, this is a fully automated, remotely operated wire saw that takes our offering to the next level. We have recently demonstrated The Stealth to many of our UK clients at our premises with the remote cutting of a pond fuel skip to allow flat packing. The Stealth cuts in the Horizontal and Vertical planes reducing the need to reposition the work piece which is secured to the cutting platform. This is of particular benefit when repetitive works are required such as the size reduction of pond skips or flask MEBs. The wire does not require cooling other than air.


Plunge cutting  

Advanced Cutting Techniques – Plunge Cutting

BD Nuclear has developed a rig to allow plunge cutting with wire. The rig is adjustable and designed specifically to cut openings into vault, cell or silo concrete roofs/walls. This is undertaken to allow equipment access to the voids for waste retrievals. The rig incorporates lifting arrangements to allow safe remote removal of the plug once freed.


Advanced Cutting Techniques – Large Vessel Sectioning

advanced cutting techniques - large vessel sectioning

BD Nuclear is currently developing a system to allow remote cutting of large steel vessels using diamond wire. The system utilises a set of pulley wheels that are strapped to the vessel and allow the wire to run at the optimum cutting angle. As the cut progresses the pulley wheels are progressively removed from the loop, this is a remote operation and therefore does not require manual intervention.





Advanced Cutting Techniques  – Porta Saw

Porta Saw to allow cutting operations

BD Nuclear has introduced a Porta Saw to allow cutting operations to be undertaken more efficiently in situ. The pulley system is set in a framework that can be assembled around the item to be size reduced.  The pulley carriages are operated remotely to save manual adjustment as the cutting progresses.  






BD Nuclear – Test Facility

BD Nuclear is proud to announce an expansion of our premises with the acquisition of an industrial unit close to our main offices in Portsmouth. The facility is already up and running and has been utilised to trial our plunge cutting rig and wall shaving machine for respective clients. 

The Stealth has been assembled in the facility and is available for demonstration over the coming months. We also have a bespoke Portal Saw set up which is an adaptable pulley frame that allows us to set up a wire saw around the item to be size reduced in more engineered manner.

The unit boasts a 3m x 3m x 0.3m reinforced mock up concrete wall which has been built to allow the testing of equipment. It has already been used for the wall saver demonstration. The wall is now available for the testing of other equipment.

The Demonstration Facility allows BD Nuclear to undertake tooling development, trials for our clients and training of our staff.  

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