Diamond Driling

BD Nuclear have the capabilities to remove large concrete structures which have been highly contaminated using unique Diamond Drilling techniques.

One of our areas of expertise is the ability to complete unusual works which have specific constraints (such as access, structural issues and location, etc). Our technical experience and a wide range of specialised and customised equipment enables us to complete these works safely, efficiently and on time with coring capacity ranging from 6mm to 1metre diameter.


Examples of diamond drilling


BD Nuclear have a very good understanding on the requirement for core sampling and have been involved with projects taking core samples from reactor sites including taking core samples from Reactor parts going through Bio-Shield. (Further details available on request).

We also have a capacity to carry out dry drilling and have used this technique on various projects.


Need advice or have a project to discuss?

If you need advice on how any aspect of wire cutting, surface removal or concrete cutting could work for you, or you have a project that needs our specialist skills, please speak to our experienced staff on 0845 521 0004 or contact us at info@bdnuclear.co.uk

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