Bespoke Cutting Systems

Our decommissioning service is based on specialist diamond cutting to allow size reduction of plant and structures; specialising in cutting metal with wire.

We have remote and semi remote equipment which is predominantly used in our nuclear works. We often prepare bespoke equipment for our projects and have a number of innovative systems for both metal and concrete cutting processes. Our close working relationship with our specialist suppliers allows us to bring the latest technologically advanced equipment into the field to maximise our output.

Bespoke systems include The Stealth, Portal Saw, Vessel Wire Saw, Pond Skip Wire Saw and various smaller rigs.

Need advice or have a project to discuss?

If you need advice on how any aspect of wire cutting, surface removal or concrete cutting could work for you, or you have a project that needs our specialist skills, please speak to our experienced staff on 0845 521 0004 or contact us at

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