Concrete Wire Sawing

Concrete cutting with wire allows BD Nuclear to undertake cutting operation in difficult locations / positions or cut items that cannot be cut with more basic equipment.

The wire saw is a very versatile cutting machine.  Capacity is virtually unlimited as the wire length can be adjusted to suit the task. If a bespoke machine is required it can be manufactured to allow its dimensions to suit its intended throughput.

We can operate our systems remotely or semi remotely with minimal manual intervention. The machines run on a 3 Phase 400V Power Supply, nominally 16/32A.

Water cooling is normally used on concrete cutting only to extend the life of the wire but concrete cutting can be undertaken dry with an adequate vacuum system and ventilation.  We are currently developing dry cutting and working closely with our suppliers to ensure dust removal is optimised.

BD Nuclear has perfected water recycling for our concrete works and this allow solids to be filtered air dried and disposed via solid waste routes.

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