Over 1 million operational man hours within a nuclear environment with no reported/lost time to accidents

Metal Cutting

BD Nuclear has been cutting substantial metal structures since 2005. Cutting metal wire is our speciality and we are market leaders.

Items cut include:

  • Turbines
  • Vessels / Tanks
  • Refuelling / Charge Machines
  • Fuel Flasks
  • Pond Skips
  • Pipework

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Concrete Cutting

Using wire allows BD Nuclear to undertake cutting operations in difficult locations or cut items that cannot be cut basic equipment.

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Surface Removal

BD Nuclear uses the latest Surface Shaving System for processing of walls, ceilings and many other surfaces.

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Specialist nuclear decommissioning services

BD Nuclear have been involved in the Nuclear Industry for a number of years providing specialist nuclear decommissioning services.

BD Nuclear provides a diverse service, not concentrating on one specific application, we have the expertise to adapt and provide innovative solutions with a pragmatic approach, and this has proven to be an important necessity within the nuclear industry.

Because of this we have become the market leader for innovative size reduction cutting solutions including diamond wire cutting technology within the nuclear decommissioning industry in the UK.

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Health, Safety & Environment

Health and Safety is our number one priority and is at the forefront of all projects undertaken. We continuously review our safety procedures, invest in continuous training and promote a corporate culture wherein workers understand that good safety practices enhance productivity.

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