PROJECT: East Tanks Shaving

Client: RSRL

Location: Winfrith

Project Length: 5 months

Project Overview

BD Nuclear were tasked to remove a heavily contaminated surface. The area had been a sludge storage facility. 

The first phase was to remove 10mm over the area of 560m2. This was done in sections 2.4m x 2.4m. We achieved a shaving rate of approx. 24m2 @ 10mm per day. The shaver extract was 100% efficient with no loose/airborne contamination released during the operation. The second phase was to target contamination hot spots. This required the shaver to target areas that were still extremely contaminated. This was again achieved with no loose or airborne contamination created by the shaving process. The process is so efficient that all the components at the end of the job were cleared.

Advance in Science or Technology being sought:

BD Nuclear have been very influential in the development of this shaving system. We have worked hand in hand with our supplier to develop the process into what it is today. Continuous testing and development has allowed us to produce along with our partner, the market leading shaving system. 

We clocked up well in excess of 400 hrs continually testing/developing. The system now has a very accurate depth measure that can be set remotely, and a 98% efficient dust extraction.