PROJECT: Plinth Size Reduction

Client: GE Aviation

Location: Hamble

Project Length: 10 days

Project Overview

Due to a design change BD Nuclear were asked to reduce the height of two concrete plinths 14 metres long and 2.2metres wide by 800mm. we had a 12mm tolerance over the length of the plinth.

The work was in a very sensitive area and was situated less than 3 metres from live robotic equipment in a sterile environment that had to be in operation during the duration of the works.

We erected a tent around the first of the plinths, we then bunded the plinth and tent to form a controlled area, a barrier was then put in place to prevent contamination of live area. ( No work wear was allowed out of tent)

The wire saw was then set up on the plinth using Diaquip wire. Water control and recycling were set up. Cutting started where we first cut horizontally and wedged the length of the plinth. We then cut the plinth vertically into 7 sections (4 Tonnes) each.

Once the first plinth was cut we removed the equipment, stripped down the tent and set up around the second of the plinths. The process was then repeated.

Once both plinths had been cut the tent and equipment was removed from work area. Holes were then drilled in the top of the cut sections and lifting plates were fixed, these were then pull tested. The first section of the plinth was then lifted out using a gas powered fork lift. Due to the tight access the blocks were lifted on to skates and were moved down to be lifted by the fork lift. The concrete was then loaded on to flatbed articulated lorries and removed from site.
This work was carried out over ten days with no interruption’s/ down time caused to the client.