PROJECT: Plunge Cutting Trials

Client: Actus

Location: BD Nuclear - Demonstration Facility

Project Length: 2 years

Project Overview

BD Nuclear undertook the development and successful trialling of a specialist semi-remote plunge-cutting rig which has been accepted by ACTUS for use on the Magnox estate.

The specialist rig was developed over a series of trials to create openings in thick concrete enclosures to allow the retrieval of Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) materials. The rig has been developed in-house, based upon diamond wire sawing technologies, but adapted specifically to be able to cut and recover thick concrete sections, mainly from the roof structure of waste vaults for Magnox.

The rig enables the 2.5 tonne block to be self-supporting when being cut to prevent it falling into the silo, it also facilitates a quick failsafe lifting solution and is semi-remotely operated.

During the development trials it was identified that it would be beneficial to avoid liquid waste from cutting operations entering the vaults. Therefore BD Nuclear adapted the rig to enable dry wire saw concrete cutting incorporating the capture of cutting debris.

The development of this bespoke rig with unique cutting features is another demonstration of BDN’s expertise in development of economic and flexible solutions to the nuclear industry challenges.