PROJECT: Concrete Sludge Tank Size Reduction

Client: Nuvia

Location: Winfrith, Dorchester, Dorset

Project Length: 

Project Overview

BD Nuclear was commissioned to undertake the size reduction of the concrete tanks that once stored sludge generated from the operation of the SGHWR at Winfrith. The tanks had been emptied and decontaminated prior to the size reduction works although residual contaminants remained which required controlled working conditions to be observed.

The tanks were size reduces into blocks weighing up to 8 tonnes using a variety of techniques. These included Track Saw, Wire Saw, Stitch Drilling and bursting. Close coordination of the works was required to ensure the safety of lifting operation.

The tanks were cut down to the base level prior to suspension of the works due to technical issues. BD Nuclear returned recently to successfully complete the base removal under a contract with KDC.