PROJECT: Dragon Decommissioning

Client: RSRL

Location: Winfrith, Dorchester, Dorset

Project Length: 2 years

Project Overview

BD Nuclear were contracted to provide nuclear decommissioning operatives, charge hands and supervisors to support decommissioning activities at Winfrith.

The contract was awarded in September 2011 and support to date has been provided at the Dragon Reactor. This saw the provision of up to 16 BD Nuclear operatives undertaking various decommissioning and waste processing activities.

The works were undertaken without any significant safety issues and in accordance with RSRL safety documentation. The team has gained recognition for its excellent work ethic and received plaudits for their work from the RSRL Project Manager. 

The team removed and size reduced vessels, pipework, shielding, access walkways, gantries and services. The lifting operations required to remove plant items and transfer wastes were undertaken by the team.  

Size reduction was undertaken through dismantling and using cold cutting techniques. This has allowed the wastes to be packaged to meet the handover requirements of the Winfrith Waste Services team.