PROJECT: FEDER Demolitions

Client: ACTUS

Location: Trawsfynydd, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Gwynedd

Project Length: Ongoing (18 months)

Project Overview

BD Nuclear have been commissioned to demolish concrete structures above the Fuel Element Debris (FED) Cells at Trawsfynydd. The work has been undertaken in C3 Conditions using a combination of concrete cutting techniques. To allow the structures to be dismantled the implementation of temporary works has been required and the undertaking of associated lifting operation has also been needed. Throughout the work BD Nuclear has undertaken decontamination operations to ensure good contamination controls are maintained.

The dismantling works are part of the preparation process to allow the remote removal of FED from the cells below. BD Nuclear has also been commissioned to undertake the cutting of openings in the FED Cell Ceilings to allow the FED removal operations. The openings will be cut using our bespoke plunge cutting system which allows a semi remote operation to be undertaken.